Astrolinks for January 24th, 2014


Your daily dose of astronomy-related links and news from around the web:

  • The first results from studies of the data and “cracking” photos sent back from the Rosetta mission are coming in.
  • Astronomers at the Yale Center for Astronomy & Astrophysics have discovered a quasar with a “dimmer switch.”
  • The build up to NASA’s New Horizon’s long anticipated rendezvous with Pluto begins this weekend when the spacecraft takes its first photographs of the dwarf planet.
  • 2004 BL8, a 550m-wide asteroid will flyby Earth (at a very safe distance) on Monday. The next visit from an asteroid this large won’t happen until 2027.
  • Interesting article on how we came to recognize the Sun as the center of our Solar System.

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