Rising From the Ashes

Well, it’s been a while–over three years–since I last posted on this blog, and a lot has happened in the intervening time, on the ground and up in space. Most notably, of interest to SETI, the number of confirmed exoplanets has more than double from 1,823 in July 2015 all the way to 3,867 today, and that number soars to 6,300 when you include those that are yet to be confirmed. The Golden Age of exoplanet discovery is truly upon us.

Sadly, we have yet to detect any signs of extraterrestrial intelligence, but with every year that passes, we have better tools, better techniques, and fresh new ideas on how and where to look for that one elusive signal. Undoubtedly, we are better equipped today than we have ever been, and we continue to live in hope.

I’ve long wanted to come back to this blog and start posting news and commentary on SETI and related topics again, but procrastination and distractions have always intervened. However, having recently posted an updated version of my short story collection First Contact: Alien Encounters on Amazon Kindle, I have an additional incentive to revive the blog from its long term slumber — to help sell some books!

So, if you enjoy reading the blog posts and articles on this site, please consider buying a copy to support my efforts. You never know, you might even enjoy some of the stories!


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