Astrolinks for January 21st, 2014


Your daily dose of astronomy-related links and news from around the web:

  • NASA releases the largest photo ever of the Andromeda Galaxy, weighing in at over 1.5 billion pixels.
  • A rare and valuable 250-year-old ‘atlas of the stars’ by celebrated British astronomer John Bevis has been found in a dusty store cupboard at Manchester University.
  • If you still believe Pluto should be considered a planet, the New York Times is asking for suggestions for a new mnemonic that includes all of the major and minor planets so far discovered.
  • NASA has just released its 2015 edition of Spinoff Magazine documenting examples of spinoffs from the space program that are benefiting people here on Earth.
  • The ESA has just released a new video stressing the importance of going back to the Moon and establishing a permanent presence there.

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